Drill Breaks: Audio Training Downloads

Suhaila created Drill Breaks, downloadable audio training downloads, as an additional tool to assist dancers in their training.  For the student, it is important to learn using various means:  listening, observing & moving.  Sometimes even touch is a helpful tool.  When learning Suhaila’s unique format terminology, sometimes students handicap themselves by only watching and mimicking the movements; they don’t listen to the words and translate them to movement on their bodies.   Drill Breaks are a great way for students to fill out their training experience and understanding.  Note that students are expected to have knowledge of Suhaila’s Level 1 format to use the Drill Breaks, preferably having attended a workshop with Suhaila or taken her online classes.

  • Drill Breaks were created specifically as an audio (not visual) training tool to help students focus on “hearing” and understanding the terms.
  • Most Drill Breaks are under under 30 minutes, so they are great options to supplement classes.  Download them onto your mp3 player for a short workout whenever you want.
  • Some students listen to Drill Breaks on their commutes.  Although they might not be able to actual “do” the workout, they focus and listen to the material.  Every little bit helps!
  • Follow any Drill Break but substitute whatever move (pelvic locks, figure eights, circles, squares, etc.) you want.

Drill Breaks are available in several levels:

  • Suhaila Format Level 1:  Hone your technique and take charge of your training.
  • Suhaila Format Level 1.5:  Bridge the gap between Level 1 and Level 2.  These provide a great step to teach you how to progress from one level to the next.
  • Suhaila Format Level 2:  Learn to train efficiently and effectively.
  • Stamina Drill Outs Level 2+:  Test your stamina and technique with these longer workouts.

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