Roxanne Roundtree, 
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

“. . . eliminates travel cost; ability to train with a master instructor; the ability to train on my own schedule; less expensive than regular classes; if you don’t understand something just rewind.

You’re a GENIOUS!  The online classes are amazing. I live in a small town and other than workshops I had no way to train and improve my dance as much as I would like. Just in 1 week I have learned SO much! Here is a BIG hug!

The benefits of your classes online:  Eliminates travel cost; The ability to train with a Master instructor; The ability to train on my schedule (I travel with my job); Less expensive than regular classes; If you don’t understand something, just rewind!

I have a webcam so after I finish a class I webcam me doing it so I can correct myself. It is a bit dorky but since nobody is here to correct me, that’s all I could think of. It’s working out well. I saw how bad my facial expression and arms are, LOL.  A blog with other online students would be great!  This is so exciting! . . . I am so mad I didn’t do it sooner! I am actually a bit overwhelmed at all the classes. I want to do them all yesterday!


Lisa Smith, Bend, Oregon

“. . .more technique, more understanding, more challenge – all at a great value!”

Out of curiosity more than anything, I signed up for the free three-day trial. I was amazed at the level of instruction – so far above anything I had received in 20+ years of dancing! The breakdown of timing was something that had never been introduced in any bellydance class or workshop I’d ever taken. The material was exciting, challenging and I soon signed up for a year subscription.

I try to do a class 3x during the week and on weekends when I can. Being able to rewind or re-take a class that was especially challenging is an enormous benefit to me, as well as being able to take a class whenever it’s convenient for me. I don’t have to work around someone else’s schedule, the classes are there waiting for me any time. At first, the classes were very challenging due to being overweight and having significant arthritis; however, as I’ve continued with the classes I’ve found increased stamina, flexibility and a thirst to conquer these new and challenging techniques and concepts.

To keep track of my progress, I keep a spiral-bound notebook as a training log. On the inside cover, I listed each class. When I take a class, I make a mark next to it. This helps me make sure I am getting well-rounded training all of the catagories (for example, I realize I was doing more Folkloric Fusion because it was my favorite, and avoiding Dance Movement which is very challenging for me). I also write down inside the notebook the date, the specific class I took, what were the challenges and notes on the combo at the end of the class.

I wholeheartedly endorse the online classes for anyone who desires more in their dance – more technique, more understanding, more challenge – all at a great value! Thank you, Suhaila!


Leila, Rabat, Morocco

“I really feel like I’m *almost* in class with my peers — hearing Suhaila’s voice is familiar and comforting, seeing the faces of women I know in class makes me feel slightly less far away, and just seeing the whole group makes me feel like I’m not dancing alone!”

With the new availability of online classes, Suhaila has once again broadened the possibilities for dancers, particularly those of us who train, or want to train, with Suhaila but are far from the “mothership”. For me, having access to these classes has made a big difference in my daily life. My family lives in the San Francisco Bay Area, so while I always return there and when I’m there to SSSBD, my adult life has taken me to various places a plane ride or more away. Having been able to build a strong foundation in Suhaila’s technique living in the Bay Area, when I’m away from the studio, I continue to train. This, however, requires constant internal motivation and can be quite lonely. Plus, as anyone knows who has studied with Suhaila already, you can never push yourself quite as hard, or as effectively, as she does.

Now I live in Morocco, where dance classes are few and considerably more expensive than in the US (hard to believe, I bet, but it’s true!). I’ve tried a variety of set-ups to keep dance an active part of my life here and online classes are by far my favorite. Being at home with my laptop means no negotiating prices or privacy issues to rent space in a gym run by old men and, my favorite thing, getting to dance without having to plan out myself what I’ll work on! It takes such an enormous mental factor out, allowing me to relax and get some stress release. Plus I get to hear music other than that on my own iPod! Last, but by no means least, I really feel like I’m *almost* in class with my peers — hearing Suhaila’s voice is familiar and comforting, seeing the faces of women I know in class makes me feel slightly less far away, and just seeing the whole group makes me feel like I’m not dancing alone!


Stacey Lizette, Austin, Texas

“Now I feel even more connected to other students in the format, because I know we are drilling “together.”

I have a dance room in my house (the other bedroom that people usually use for guests).  The closet in that room happens to house our server for our home network… My S.O. works from home and is technically savvy.  He ran a cable out from the server into my dance room and hooked it up to a widescreen monitor that sits on a shelf at just the right height so if you are dancing it is at eye level.  I use a wireless keyboard and mouse to control the interface.  So really, I’m on the Internet on our server in the dance room.

I’ve spent countless hours drilling long distance from the mothership.  These online classes are a dream come true!  Now I feel even more connected to other students in the format, because I know we are drilling “together.”

Self motivation and discipline can take you far… but using online classes can take you places you might not have gone on your own.  Stagnation is simply not an option!


Ginger, Suhaila’s Repertoire Ensemble

“. . .with the online classes I am able to take class and push myself as if I was at the studio.”

Traveling about two and a half hours round trip to take classes at the mothership is definitely well worth it and I make my way to the studio as often as I can. That typically means Tues. for Level 3 and Folkloric Fusion with Suhaila and Thurs. for rehearsals for the Repertoire Ensemble. However, I desperately wanted to take dance movement and Jamila’s class. With a child, husband, and long drive it was just impossible for me to take any more classes. So when the online classes launched I saved my pennies and signed up for the annual membership. Being able to supplement my classes at the studio with the online classes has really helped me fill in the holes my training was missing.

Sure I would practice at home before, but pushing myself to go beyond what was comfortable and staying motivated was hard to do, with the online classes I am able to take class and push myself as if I was at the studio. Now my problem isn’t wanting to take more classes but making sure I don’t take so many that I burn myself out!


Juliana, Colorado

“There is nothing like this out there! . . .I love being able to take a class without leaving home.”

I have known of Suhaila for many years, but never thought about training with a teacher who does not live in my city. I found Suhaila one day while feeding my daughter and watching Ellen. Watching her on the show inspired me to do more research on the Suhaila Salimpour format. Once my daughter stopped breastfeeding, I went out to the “mothership” for a level 1 workshop. It was hard to leave my daughter, but I was so excited to start a new journey.

After the workshop I was sore, but to my amazement nothing hurt! I was completely hooked and became a Suahaila-ite before I got on the plane to come home. Working out at home with the DVDs was good at first, but the lack of new input became frustrating. So I went back to the mothership again! (I am so happy to have a supportive family!) After a multi-level week long workshop, I tested and passed for my level 1 certification. Back home again, I had trouble keeping up my pace practicing and somehow always found other things to tempt my time away.

I purchased the year-long subscription to Suhaila’s online classes the first day they were available, and I could not be happier. (I knew it was coming and was saving my pennies!) There is nothing like this out there! The DVDs were great, but didn’t have the depth and variety of the online classes. It is much easier to train in the Suhaila format with the huge online resource.

I don’t have time to do a whole class every day, but my goal is to at least finish a warm up. Even at that level of effort, let me tell you that my abs are getting stronger and stronger. I recently went to a Rachel Brice workshop and my stamina amazed me. I have changed nothing else in my workout routine except for adding the Suhaila online classes.

I love being able to take a class without leaving home. My 2-½ year old daughter will hang out with me while I take an online class and sometimes follow along. She tells others in the family to, “leave Mommy alone…she is doing Suhaila.” She knows Suhaila’s voice and sometimes will mimic Suhaila by saying, “Breath! Flat back! Home Position!”

I now have girlfriends coming over to do Suhaila’s classes with me. It is great to be able to say things to Suhaila I would never dare say in class. Though the most common phrase said by my friends and me is, “how did she know I was doing that?” There is something about being able to take a class that really does help me to push harder. I think it is Suhaila’s obvious passion that is so inspiring. I can feel how strong I am becoming and have even lost weight without changing anything else.  Thank you so much for providing this much-needed training.

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