Suhaila choreographed Unforeseen in 2006.  Many dance shows only allow 6-8 minutes per performance, and this two-minute drum solo is the perfect length to add after a 4-6 minute starting piece.  Mostly in 4/4, the drum solo also includes a 9.  Jam-packed with Suhaila layering technique, the show features both the Suhaila and Jamila formats and is great for any style: cabaret, tribal, etc.  Perform it after a great classical choreography like Ala Gara, Elf Leyla wa Leyla or En Rah or after a fusion piece like Hard Rock Fusion (“Dark Veil”).  This piece is also excellent for an individual or group.

Unforeseen is more difficult than it looks.  Done correctly, the choreography has a calm but empowered feeling that builds in intensity as the piece progresses.  The isolations have to be solid and can’t be executed too large, or the dancer looks a bit hysterical or “out of control”.   This two-minute piece is a great exercise in accurate, fast movement.  The choreography is roughly a Level 2.75, and is a nice push for someone in Level 2 before they begin work on Level 3 choreographies.  Suhaila teachers the choreography in her easy-to-follow format in one master class.  The music is from the track “Unforeseen” on Suhaila’s Repercussion album.

$19.99 for a 30 day subscription.

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