Standing Sword

Suhaila’s Standing Sword choreography includes both Suhaila and Jamila elements, and is an excellent piece to use for learning basic sword skills without floor work.  The sword is the dancer’s partner in representing the music; however, the choreography can be performed as a solo by the dancer alone (without her sword partner).  The choreography and technique stand alone whether a sword is used or not.  The choreography includes elements from Suhaila’s and Jamila’s formats, and the level is approximately a Level 2 for either format.  Although the choreography subscription is available to everyone, the Standing Sword is one of the choreography options for Jamila Levels 3&4 certification testing.

Suhaila choreographed Standing Sword as a complement to the Sheherezade Sword; although Suhaila has had versions of the Standing Sword in existence since 2002, she finalized this version of the choreography in 2011. The piece maintains a nice balance between sultry and flirty, and the dancer is challenged to keep the movements strong and “in control”.  The music (“Edge of Survival“) is available on Suhaila’s Sheherezade album.

In the video below, you can see the Standing Sword performed by the dancers on the second row, coordinated with the dancers in front performing the Sheherezade Sword choreography.

$19.99 for a 30 day subscription.

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