Renaissance Faire Sword

In the 1990s, Suhaila created the Percussion Show to be performed at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire.  For the Percussion Show, the dancers accompanied themselves, so they didn’t need to rely on additional musicians.  Suhaila choreographed the Ren Faire Sword choreography as part of the show.  As the girls could perform the work to any basic drum rhythm, the choreography was designed with strong visual changes to provide dynamics and to give the impression of dramatic musical cues.  The showy choreography has a dangerous, sexy vibe and shows off the dancer’s athleticism and skill.

View the choreography below as performed in the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in 1999. Click here to see the longer, original version from 1997.  The full Percussion Show can be seen on the Suhaila Dance Company DVD, which also features Suhaila Dance Company performances for the Renaissance Faire in 1997 and Rakkasah West in 2002.  Although the choreography subscription is available to everyone, Ren Faire Sword is one of the choreography options for Jamila Levels 3&4 certification testing.

You can adapt the choreography to a wide range of music.  Depending on your music and stylization, the piece can be cabaret or tribal.  You might consider “The Mask (Rusty Metal Mix)” from the Bal Anat Remix album.  One of Suhaila’s teaching staff, Gina, teaches the choreography in Suhaila’s easy-to-follow format in three one-hour classes.

$19.99 for a 30 day subscription.

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