Elf Leyla Wa Leyla

Suhaila has performed to Elf Leyla Wa Leyla (1001 Nights) throughout her dance career.  In the late 1990′s, as part of her regular encouragement of dancers to learn classical Middle Eastern compositions, she choreographed Elf Leyla for her students.  Given its rhythm and pacing changes, the piece was an excellent choice.  The title translates as “1001 Nights”, and the overall theme is a love so wonderful that you never want the night to end.  We’ve all had those intense moments of love. . be it with a partner, friend, parent, child. . .that we want to continue forever.  Suhaila specifically remembers waking up early on Saturday mornings when it was quiet and peaceful. . . rocking her baby daughter in my arms as she choreographed this piece.  That connection and inspiration helps explain why this particular composition and choreography are especially dear to her heart. View two performances of this choreography: one on a large stage (see video below) and one on a smaller stage with a trio of dancers.

Suhaila teaches the choreography step by step in her easy-to-follow format in two one hour classes.  The music is available on Suhaila’s Arabian Musicals Volume 2 album.

$24.99 for a 30 day subscription.

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