El Samer

Suhaila choreographed El Samer in 2009 as a fun homage to the 1970′s, a heyday in belly dance.  To help complete your vision of the specific era, picture the glamourous Nagwa Fouad in her vibrant costume with bright blue eye shadow. El Samer embodies the grand, elegant and sexy flavor of belly dance at that time.  This choreography is full of Jamila format and styling including strong finger cymbal work.  This choreography is good for any stylization and would fit easily into a classical, tribal or fusion performance.

The music was composed by Hamouda Ali and can be found on The Art of Bellydance: Suhaila’s Supreme Selections CD produced by Hollywood Music Center.  Although the choreography subscription is available to everyone, El Samer is a required choreography for Jamila Level 2 certification testing.

$19.99 for 30 days of access.

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