Tamalyn Dallal: Oriental

Join Tamalyn Dallal for her workshop during which she teaches an exquisite oriental choreography using acoustical music from Zanzibar. . .rich and complex, involving a touch of drama. Grab your veil and travel back to the days of princesses and palaces.

Having started her study of Middle Eastern dance in 1976, Tamalyn Dallal has enjoyed a prolific career. She has taught and performed in 38 countries. In 1990, she founded the non profit arts organization “Mid Eastern Dance Exchange” in Miami Beach, through which she mentored thousands of dancers around the world. Through sixteen years of directing the organization, Ms. Dallal produced numerous stage productions and dance festivals, including the famed Orientalia Festival of Ethnic Dance in Miami Beach for fourteen years.

$10.99 for a 30 day subscription.

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