Leyla & Roland: Rhythms 1

Exciting online class taught by Leyla Jouvana, featuring live drumming by Roland. Leyla uses her exclusive and celebrated teaching format for Rhythm introduction, technique, step combinations, and choreography.  Useful for all levels of dancers and for all stylizations.

Leyla covers the following rhythms including background historical context and music signature, and she teaches specialized dance phrases for each rhythm: Fallahi 2/4; Malfouf 2/4; Saidi 4/4; Shimmies 2/2, ¾, 4/4.

Suhaila Online Classes also offers two more Leyla Jouvan and Roland classes:  Leyla Jouvana and Roland Rhythms 2 and Leyla Jouvana Layers and Shimmies for All Stylizations.

Leyla and Roland are based in Duisburg, Germany, but they travel and teach all over the world.  They also sponsor Europe’s largest belly dance festival every year in November.  Click here to learn more about Leyla & Roland.

$14.99 for a 30 day subscription.

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