Nebteti Mnein El Hikeiya

Learn Suhaila’s choreography to Nebteti Mnein El Hikeiya!  One of Suhaila’s certification program dancers, Stacey, teachers the choreography in Suhaila’s format in a two-part master class.  This choreography is only available to members of Suhaila’s certification program who have current Suhaila Level 2 certification or above.  This choreography is required as part of testing for Suhaila Level 4 certification.

The music is available on Suhaila’s Arabian Musicals Volume 3 album.  Choreography notes are included with the subscription.  View the choreography in a group performance from 2004 in the video below.  Also view the choreography as performed in the Suhaila Level 4 certification shows:  click here for 2009; click here for 2011.

$24.99 for a 30 day subscription.  This choreography is not available through the online class site.  To purchase this choreography, click the link below to be taken to  The order will be fulfilled manually by staff within 2 business days.

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