Online classes are a great way to begin or continue your dance studies. Suhaila and her qualified instructors join you in your own studio, living room or even office for a dance class! With a subscription, you gain access to full-length classes and master classes. These are the actual weekly classes taught at Suhaila’s home studio in California. Four cameras are used, and the film is edited to give you the best view of the instructor and students. You learn the material right along with the other students in the class.

Why were Suhaila’s Online Classes created?

With the growing number of students in Suhaila’s program, these classes allow her format and technique to be widely available. Students across the world now have the chance to study directly from the Salimpour Studio. Distance from Suhaila’s studio or workshops is no longer a problem; online classes are a great solution. Suhaila developed her online classes to motivate both her existing students and new students while promoting belly dance worldwide.

How many classes can I take?

Subscribers have access to over 100 classes; content is refreshed regularly, and new classes are added monthly. Take as many classes as you want, whenever you want, as many times as you want, wherever you want. Rewind as much as you want to go over a new concept, watch your favorite classes over and over again, or take as many different classes as you want.

How much do subscriptions cost?

For as low as $39.95/month, learn from the best of the best in belly dance on your own time, at your own convenience! Click here for more subscription options.

I have more questions!

See below for more question categories!  For more information, email us at suhaila@suhailainternational.com.

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